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Prayer In Step

Kumpulan Motivasi - Wherever we move, we must live with the accompaniment of footsteps, to the end of the destination to the place indicated.

It would be nice if you step anywhere accompanied by prayer because to protect ourselves from things we don't want.

Important is the step to be followed prayer:

1.Congratulations on reaching the destination

You will safely reach the goal if you always accompany the steps with prayer, everything if accompanied by prayer will be saved from things you do not want.

2. Become a Worship

pray to accompany the steps to become worship as well because we always remember Allah SWT, and will make you safe from things you don't want to do.

3. Will be made easy

what you do will be made easy, like you have a very big problem, but you always pray at your every step, then Allah will help you and will make things easier.

4. Save from distress

you will be saved from marbhaya if you are always praying, whether on travel, work, etc. because with the prayer that was not possible it could be possible, so be careful in terms of speech too, because a speech is a prayer.

"Never stop praying if you care about your future"

the above are things that often occur in our lives, sometimes some people do not care about this, even though this will make us better, and will be saved from all things that are dangerous, hopefully the brief details that we convey are useful for you and canmake you better Now.

Well, how about Art7734's friend, let's share it in our comments column, because your comments will make us better.

Thank you,

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