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How to become a boss who likes his subordinates

Kumpulan Motivasi - In general, a boss is an ordinary person who wants to try to be the best in his life and career, but not all bosses are liked by his subordinates, lots of bosses are often talked about by his subordinates behind his boss, and many are also liked by his subordinates. 

surely you really want to be a boss who likes his subordinates.Here's how to become a boss who likes subordinates:

1. Attentiona

subordinate is eager to be noticed by his boss, this is often complacent to a boss who is very busy so that his subordinates do not like his boss, therefore you get attention to all your subordinates at the time you are empty, asking just work is a small concernfor your subordinates and that will make your subordinates like you more. And your work can be well controlled and realize that you are also a good leader

2. Humorisin

the present era no longer boss is too serious with his work, nowadays subordinates prefer to boss who has humorous too, 70% serious and 30% humorous, this will make your subordinates like you and they feel comfortable around you , because it's not rigidwhen talking to you, humorous can make your partner more familiar and everything will be easy to communicate, but do not be outrageous, use your humorist in the right time, do not occupy it wrong. Because the wrong place will make the opposite.

3. Hand Down

Your subordinates also really like bosses who dare to intervene, he will respect you if you dare to go down the field even though not all the time, how good it is once in a while you know the work of your subordinates, especially those in the field, so that you also know the conditions like the fieldwhat, don't just comment, but you have to know more about it too, there's nothing wrong if you go down occasionally.

4. No Emotionsa

subordinate does not like to be snapped or chanted, you should be able to hold back your emotions if you are under pressure from your boss too, because it will affect your emotions to your lower subordinates again, and to the end this will have a negative impact on you especiallyyou to speak harsh language, as well as avoiding the harsh language if you want to be pleased by your subordinates, your subordinates will be more like you who are relaxed and not emotionally motivated. even your subordinates can help you solve the problem.


Your subordinates will like you if you respect your subordinates politely, for example if you tell your subordinates, you say the word 'Maf and Help' Your subordinates will feel happy and meras will be respected by you, and your subordinates will obey your orders without there are any reasonsthis. will make the team's performance more harmonious and joyful towards the boss.

so if you are a boss and have the above points I assume you are a great person, because not all bosses have the above characteristics that have been conveyed, and if you have not become a boss like the one above you can follow this method, if this makes you are useful, this story is memake from my experience and some of the superior Mgr / Dbm / Bm and RSM. 

hopefully with this you can be a boss that your subordinates are happy with and not only that but become an authoritative and successful boss.
"There will be no success if there are no similar thoughts, therefore the mind and goals of the team must be the same to achieve success"

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