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Employees are difficult to manage

Kumpulan Motivasi - A company is a working group to meet the needs of consumers and someone's income, therefore many companies are already well-known in the industrial or other fields to meet consumer needs.

in a perushan inside the staff has a superior to subordinate staff, which can make the company more developed, without people behind our screen a company will not develop, because they must have shared thoughts and goals.

in this group different thoughts often occur, especially your subordinates who can make you annoyed or dizzy, by difficult behavior to manage, but don't worry we have a solution to deal with problems like this.

The details are as follows ;

1 .give direction

Give direction to your subordinates who are difficult to cooperate with you, do this by slowing down, and don't yell at it, usually a sifaat like this one doesn't like to be snapped, but prefers to be left and raised by superiors.

2. Attention

an employee also definitely wants to have more attention, especially by the boss, usually people who are difficult to manage lack of attention from superiors, which causes things like this to happen, do this to people who are very suilit invited, so that your subordinates can be more enthusiastic andfeel noticed, even if just asking "where are you?".

3. The demand 

isask what the desire is, asking for the desire will make it easier for you to work together, usually a subordinate just wants freedom but is noticed, and does not want to be bridled, this often happens in some groups, rebuke if your subordinates are wrong, but if stillon the right path, just leave it, just control.

4. Motivasai

Give motivations to your subordinates especially your subordinates who are difficult to manage, this will make a very good impact, and will make your subordinates always busy at work, do this every morning before starting work activities.

5. Respect for one another

fellow employees should supervisor and subordinates respect each other, and always be polite from delivering language or instructing a job, use the word Help or Sorry if you send your subordinates, because this will make your subordinates more happy and feel at homeappreciate, "Remember your subordinates are not helpers".

the discussion above is discussion that often occurs in a group / team work, how good we are to always be kind and authoritative to be a good boss, so that the subordinates can enjoy it, and your subordinates will be easily managed, not too serious to undergoit, but more relaxed and calm will make you more quickly complete it "does not mean relaxing quiet huh, hehe" hopefully useful.

So what do you think? Friend Art7734, let's share in the comments column, because a comment or input can make us better.


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