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Dead is a sure thing

DEATH is something that is sure to happen in our lives, because it has become one of the phases of life.

"Wherever you are, death will get you, even though you are in a tall, sturdy fortress." {QS. An-Nisa ': 78}

want to be on the beach, want to go on the mountain, want on the road, want to be where you are when Allah wills that you have to face your Rabb then you will face it even though in a rude way according to Allah, Make this Moment of the Anniversary as a Farm Many thanks to Allah Don't Make Uncleanness.Remember we cannot predict death when approaching us, Millions of Plans that you have made if God has Willed to Die, then you will never be able to reject it, or have mercy on it.

pray to God and multiply Repentance is not playing games and holidays are not clear ... make it a moment of Muhasabah yourself, count our deeds in the previous year to prepare for the Year that has come so that we are able to feel blessings at all times by recording our angelsas a Gratitude Expert and Repentant Expert.When the body has entered the tomb, and our bodies have been neatly covered in the ground, then that's when we begin to enter the Barzah realm or the grave. Where calm or even our anxiety in it depends on our current charity.

when charity is not enough to light up the grave, that's where the torment of the grave begins to feel. Then, what are the causes of the torment of the tomb? The torment of the grave has several causal factors, including as mentioned in the following hadith:

from Ibn Abbas, he said that the Prophet had passed two graves, then he said, "Indeed, the tombs are being tortured, both of them are not tortured in severe problems, one of them being not guarding from urine, while the second he likes to fight." then the Messenger of Allāh mengambil took the palm fronds which were still wet and split them in half and stuck them in each one grave. They asked, "O Messenger of Allah, why are you doing this?" He replied, "To be relieved of the torture of both of them as long as they are not dry

in the hadith explained to his people about some of the causes of the tomb adzab which is to underestimate the uncleanness of urine and name.

al-Hafidz Ibnu Rajab said, "Some scholars refer to the secret behind the specialization of 'urine and name' as a factor in the torment of the grave, which is because the grave is the main house to the village of the hereafter."disobedience that will be rewarded tomorrow on the Day of Judgment are of two kinds: the right of Allah SWT and the right of servants. The right of Allah SWT for the first time to be tried is prayer, while the right of the servant is blood.

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