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the way to success


Ta'at worship

SUCCESS is the ability to live your life in accordance with your wishes, Do what is most enjoyed, with people around you who are happy / dear you need to know that reaching success is not easy, there are some that you have to live with between them, the Concept of Life, Effort, Effort, Diligent, Honest, Commitment and Pray

1. Life Concept

the concept of life in this case is that you have to think about where you want your life to go, surely everyone wants the path to the best, run the concept that you have created with your family / team with the same goals and thoughts. .

2 .effort

Endeavor is usha man to fulfill his life, do this sincerely and intentions because of Allah the Exalted, because it will help you to facilitate you in your endeavor, yourself and your heart must always be patient to face it.

3. Get started

Doing something is doing something or action you take. It will help you to succeed, continue to work and love the best for the people around us / Team Work.

4. Diligent

diligent also plays an important role towards success because you hear diligently you can focus on what you do, even if perseverance can make you faster to get better results

5. Honest

honest it is very important to aim for success because if there is no openness it will cause miscommunication and loss in your business, if there is no honesty at all times you will not find success / failure. Even if you can it will not last long, as it goestime will break down the dishonesty (Time Bomb)"There Is No Success Without the Same Thought"

6. Commitment

Commitment in a company / organization is very necessary to achieve success, with goals and wishes that have been agreed upon.


things you should not leave Praying, because by praying you can open your easiness to go to success or other things you want, Do this before you go on your first ride before work or travel, and don't forget to alwaysworship, according to the religion of their respective beliefs.

8. Pray for worship

Worship you should not leave because that is because you have been studying humans when you live in the world, by worshiping it can facilitate your life goals so that it is easier to go through it and get it.

The things above can lead us to success in your life, and don't worry if you have not yet succeeded, keep on going through it, because that success is a lot of obstacles, and behind all the obstacles there is definitely the success you want.

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