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the outside world about lily

Theme: Song Story; Alan Walker ft Emilly Hollow - Lily
Work: Lani Nurohmah


There is no light. Dark. Quiet. Quiet and quiet. Without the awareness that is able to make it quickly to be able to wake up from a dream that floats somewhere he can find out. all he knew was that he was still floating now, flying away in the darkness, far from his soul.

Very far he floated into the darkness that scared him. small sweat and large sweat began to emerge from the entire face, slowly the sweat poured out part of his body. until finally, looking faintly, he found a small light that could lead him to a brighter place, he could slowly see what light had led him along the way.

He raised his hand, trying to reach the light, until it was clear that the light was a new life for a little girl who was very afraid of this vast and vast world. He is Lily.

A little princess who lived and grew up behind a very large castle wall along with other little princesses. sometimes he feels very confined and also tired of his life as a little girl born as a princess from a Royal family full of various rules.

Every now and then he tried to run away from his castle, and ventured to see the vastness of the outside world and the beauty of nature out there. Even though he knew very well and really understood what the situation was out there. it was the bravest thing he would do, risking his own life for freedom.

"I'm very sure, and I'll do it tonight," he exclaimed, staring at his reflection in the mirror.

At night with the sun set, he sneaked around like a thief. He quietly walked while occasionally looking around, alert to the situation around him. he was very sure and knew very well, that everyone in this kingdom was preparing an evening apple in the family room, it could be called a ceremony before dinner. The family room, far enough from the reach of the room occupied by Lily. the guards who were on duty there were still standing tall without being careless at all. It made it very difficult to go out of the castle and had to be careful so that his departure was unknown to others.

Not out of mind. he tried to go out of the window of his room. Lily was a very smart little princess, so she became a princess who was very much noticed in her kingdom. but he was not happy with the attention he got, because it made his life like a doll, which can be arranged freely without his will.

"Forgive me!" Soft while looking at every corner of the decoration in his room.

Feeling heavy heart, clearly visible from the look on his beautiful face. As if he was hesitant to leave and leave the luxury that had been accompanying him, but that was not his identity. with a feeling of sadness, he tried to leave life full of balance of assets and thrones. But that was not what he expected, he only hoped to live a normal life like other people.

When he managed to get out and get away from his room, he didn't realize someone saw him. He shouted, "Princess! Don't run there! There is something scary there."

However, Lily didn't listen. he just looked at someone who yelled at him, he increased his speed to run to avoid the chase of the guard. Whether it's a threat or just to frighten him. He still went to the forest.

"I have to run, run fast, don't get caught!" he murmured while continuing to run. Every now and then he looked back, making sure that the guards did not chase him again.

Along the way, all he saw was darkness, all he could hear was a chorus of crickets and other small animals. it was known that he was very afraid of being alone in the forest. Clearly his body continued to vibrate, cold sweat continued to come out from every pore in his body, and now the temperature of his hands changed, from warm to cold. the situation was very tense, making him uneasy and constantly alert to the surrounding area.It is not realized, that in fact there are creatures hiding behind the darkness of the forest, a very sinister figure even more sinister than creatures in fairy tales that he often listens to before going to sleep. then suddenly he came out slowly surprising Lily who was walking while gasping for breath.

"Don't kill me!" soft in fear.

His body was trembling more and more, his heart was beating fast without being confused. What is this sign? is this the end of his life? He kept thinking that sentence without stopping. Slowly the creature walked toward him.

"Don't worry," said the creature gently. "Come on follow me!" He added.

Lily always followed what she had said. on a high mountain and also under a low wasteland, Lily continued to follow where the creature walked. Until he saw at the end there was a crowd like a village full of ordinary people and the normal life he wanted all this time. Lily almost reached the place of her dreams, the creature gave everything she had dreamed of.

"Allow me to go in there. Let me in!" The door felt excited.

"Everything you want will be a magical story that you will tell," he said in a tone that was so flat.

"Please! Leave me in!"

"And you will be safe under my control."

The creature's gaze, made him hope and hope a lot. Lily kept asking and begging the creature, but the creature just stared into his eyes. Making the lens of his eyes widen and realizing that he was being hypnotized, he knew that he was indeed hypnotized.

Without realizing it, he walked on ice that was very thin and cold, making the whole collapse shudder with cold. Then he realized that the layer of ice he had stepped on began to crack slowly and finally broke out instantly.

He struggled, trying so save himself. if it's not reflexively holding something, maybe he has rolled over and fallen, somehow his fate will later. But quickly and swiftly he managed to save himself. after that, he woke up again and began to run fast avoiding the figure he had seen, which made him hypnotized all night.

He began to shout, "Someone help! Is anyone out there?"

Silence. There is no answer from anyone. only scratches of grass were heard in his ears when he ran, only the leaves fell forcibly, when he passed them.

"Please! Someone come to me! Please help me!"

Lily kept running and shouting Asking for help. But the shouting will only be in vain. from behind him, he could hear someone continuing to say, 'Follow me wherever I go!', the whisper continued to ring in Lily's ears as long as she ran. Make him more scared and more trembling. In his heart he kept muttering and praying for help.

What he only dreamed of was that he wanted to feel free with his life which was always under the pressure of the Royal Family. He only wants a normal life like the people or society in general. but this was not what Lily imagined, she just got lost, unable to go back and just continued her adventure in the forest.


January 20, 2019

Lani Nurohmah
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