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the benefits of duha prayer

Kumpulan Motivasi - Many people do not know what the consequences will be if they are diligent in praying Dhuha.

Luckily you have the opportunity to read the text below, hopefully it will become a valuable lesson for all of us.

1. people who pray Dhuha will be forgiven of their sins by Allah. * "Whoever always does the Dhuha prayer will surely be forgiven of his sins even as much as foam in the ocean." * (HR. Turmudzi)

2. Whoever does the Dhuha prayer is classified as a person who repents to Allah. * "No one always does Dhuha prayer unless he is classified as a person who repents." * (HR. Judge).

3. People who perform the Dhuha prayer will be recorded as worshipers and obey Allah. * "Whoever prays for Dhuha is two rak'ahs, then he is not written as a negligent person. Whoever does it as much as four rak'ahs, then he is written as a person who is a worship expert. Whoever does six rak'ahs is saved on that day. whoever does it eight rak'ahs, then Allah writes him as obedient. And whoever does it twelve rak'ahs, then Allah will build a house in heaven for him. "* (HR. At-Thabrani).

4 .the istiqamah person performs the Dhuha prayer later he will enter heaven through a special door, the door of Dhuha provided by Allah. * "Indeed, in heaven there is a door called the door of Dhuha. when the Doomsday has arrived, there will be a voice that cries out, manakah Where do the people who lived in the world always pray the Dhuha? This is the door for you. Enter with the grace of Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala. "* (HR. At-Thabrani).

5. God suffices for his sustenance. * "O son of Adam, don't feel weak from four rak'ahs in starting your day, surely I (Allah) will fulfill you at the end of your day." * (Narrated by Abu Darda`).

6. People who do Dhuha prayers have issued alms. * "Each of you should give charity for every part of your body every morning.because every time the prayer beads are read alms, every tahmid is alms, every tahlil is alms, every takbir is almsgiving, telling the mufr is charity, preventing the wrong is alms. and in exchange for all of that, it is enough to work on two rak'ahs of Dhuha prayer. "* (Muslim). * DUE TO PRAYER DHUHA *

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