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Good intentions ended well

Kumpulan Motivasi - Good intentions are things that all people have but there are also those who do not realize that we must have good intentions, caused by selfish selfishness without thinking of those around them.

in this era very few people have good intentions because of the mindset that always wants reward compared to the reward towards the shurga.

but if the person who carries out this good intention without ever thinking of reward, the intention is that Allah the Exalted will be the one who will receive the God of the Hereafter, do not think for how many imblanes are there.

compare yousincere God who will give more than humans give.not a few people who are successful because of this good intentions, there are many examples, so many of them have good intentions without ever seeing how much is given, because behind that good will Allah will give the best for you, while being able to breathe and be able to walk , multiply good intentionsthis, for the provision of your life in the hereafter.

Hopefully the enlightenment that we give can benefit those who read it and can make you better on the good day before.

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