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Do not demean small people

Kumpulan Motivasi - Life is a goal that everyone runs, there are those who have good fortune and some who have bad luck, sometimes what we face often does not feel enough. You never realized something like this, you should be able to realize it too, because to run life better.

we often feel inferior to other people by our abilities, even though our ideas can be better, usually because you don't dare to speak and your boss can not accept your opinion, only the boss wants to use , this is very oftenoccurs in general workersdo not demean small people, be careful with what you do because small people usually have a very large will even though the material and knowledge is not like a scholar, but has a very good working attitude, and is able to work in groups, not as small as people this, but a lot of people choose the wrong team.material may be lowered by people, much in the modern era, usually a group chooses friends or shabat who have good material and property, and causes small people to be inferior because they do not have the same assets, even though they are not his, only entrusted by GodSWT.

the above is something that often happens in our lives, "Never demean small people because small people have the right to live in the world, appreciate what he does, because when you don't breathe only small people care about you, even he help you tomake a small hole for your last residence and to face Allah SWT "."Life in this world is only a temporary place for everyone to wander"

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